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1.6TB Holographic DVD

It was announced today by InPhase Technologies and Hitachi Maxxel are working on a disc that is physically about the same size of a DVD that can hold up to 60 times more data.

The new discs will use a system known as holographic memory. The data will be stored in a material made of crystal that is sensitive to light. To read and write data, a light beam is splitted in two and passes through a semi-transparent material. This material alters the beam to encode the data. The two beams then join together again in the crystal and the noise pattern is recorded. The information are read and recorded fast, because a large number of bits can be written and read in parallel.

This technique allows the storage of 1.6TB at 160 Megabits per second. 340 times more space and 20 times fastre than the traditional DVDs.

As a start, they will be releasing discs of 300GB.

The launch date is late 2006. Until then, we will be downloading tons of videos heh!

Imagine the space that will be freed, GBs of Pr0.. eh, XviDs...