December 07, 2005

IM worm that chats with its victims

A new worm that targets users of America Online's AOL Instant Messenger is believed to be the first that actually chats with the intended victim to dupe the target into activating a malicious payload, IM security vendor IMlogic warned Tuesday.

If you feel alone... chat with your favorite worm!

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New IM worm chats with intended victims

December 02, 2005

Gmail has now an embedded virus scanner

Now if they put a virus scanner the websites and block those that send you nasty ActiveX plugins, that would be nice. Again, why are you using Internet Explorer on the first place? Get Firefox and be free of trojans/backdoors that come while browsing.

Google has added a virus scanning feature to its Gmail Web mail service, complementing the existing virus protection based on blocking certain types of file attachments, such as executables. Google informed users of the new feature on a Web page where the company announces new Gmail features.

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