December 01, 2005

Security concerns increases Opera 8.51 downloads

In less than a week, more than 1 million users downloaded the newest version of Opera (8.51).

This surge may be attributed by recently annouced security flaws in Internet Explorer.

The high demand can too be caused by approaching of Christmas, when people go shopping online more than anytime of the year.

My experience with Opera is as follows: it is the only browser that can detect precisely an HTTPS environment. Firefox and Internet Explorer still have problems, because sometimes they show that the environment is secure, when in reality isn't. While a padlock appearing on the right-lower corner of your browser indicates that the current page is encrypted, only Opera can guarantee with certainty that all elements the page is using are currently under HTTPS. When I develop e-commerce solutions, I always use Opera as a judge to verify the securiness of a webpage.

Source: Kauppalehti Online - Opera PR

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